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No green fingers are required to bring these flowers to life, all you need is one of our DIY craft kits, a pair of scissors and a glue gun to make up to 3 gorgeous Paper Juliet Roses. 

This paper flower making kit contains all the materials and instructions needed to walk you through the step-by-step creation of your Paper Juliet Roses in shades of peach, pink and white. This flower is packed full of petals making it a particularly great project for confident beginners and experienced crafters alike to inject their own creative flair into the design.   


  • Specialist paper flower making crepe paper* 
  • Wild Hive step-by-step photo instruction booklet
  • Wild Hive paper flower template
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Glue gun sticks (7mm)

Just add glue gun, scissors and a nice cuppa tea! Happy crafting :) 

*Colours may vary from picture


Our paper flower kits are designed with adults in mind. We recommend age 16+ due to the use of a hot glue gun and scissors.


To best look after your paper flowers once they are made keep them dry and out of the sun ( the opposite of real flowers!) We find paper flowers don't tend to collect a lot of dust however when you do wish to clean them you can simply give them a once over with a small dry brush. Please note that crepe paper is not colourfast, waterproof or fireproof.

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