Our Story

New Romantic was born out of a love of collecting and sourcing antiques and unique homewares, we are passionate about how those sourced and found pieces can be blended with cherished heirlooms and hand me downs to create a house that feels like a home.

Our name takes inspiration from the literary Romantics who were in awe of nature and art putting an emphasis on emotions and individualism. We feel this reflects the way we see design and the homes in which we live, art and nature continue to inspire us. Living in a rural setting emphasised the need for us to create a home and sanctuary. One that doesn’t follow the latest trend but a space that is indicative of our past and present and the kind of future we want to live in, one without waste that doesn’t put a strain on our planet. A home that will evoke nostalgia for generations to come.

Founder Charlotte is an Interior and Fashion Stylist. For over 20 years she has worked with magazines, advertisers and created interiors for both commercial and residential spaces.

Charlotte“Good design speaks to us in ways that can almost bring a chair, a vase, or a collection of perfume bottles to life. I’ve always had a love of gathering and collecting, and I would say I anthropomorphize somewhat, thinking of my possessions as old friends. I take great comfort from the things I have collected and the stories they tell. I have rather a lot of vintage clothes spanning back decades, endless cupboards of inherited china and glassware. They all tell a story and often they were acquired from family and loved ones who are sadly no longer with us. Having worked for many years as a Stylist I have developed the experience to blend the old with the new and give even the most random heirlooms and found objects a new lease of life.”

- Charlotte Melling

Inside the New Romantic store expect to find an emporium of mid-century furniture, quirky trinkets, classic homewares, nostalgic children’s accessories and wooden toys, fragrance and skincare, stationery, our own collection of lamps, scented hand-poured candles and vintage handmade cushions. We are also an agent for Fenwick & Tilbrook paint. 

True to our name at the heart of our brand is romance and nostalgia. Our love of fragrance and music (expect some 80’s) creates a welcoming space to enjoy and inspire.