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Swallow Card

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Swooping and diving at the water's edge :)

The back of the card has text about Swallows:
In days gone by, before folks understood migration, they explained the Swallows' disappearance in winter and return in Spring by suggesting they hibernated.
In late autumn, at dusk, the Swallows gathered at lakes - swooping in and out of the reeds and skimming across the water. But soon after, thye vanished. The people believed they had dived to the bottom of the frozen lake, or into the mud banks at the water's edge to sleep for winter. Months later, as the ice thawed and the days warmed in spring, they returned.

The inside of the card is blank. Silkscreen printed by hand in midnight blue ink on 100% recycled yellow 270gsm card, size A6, with a 100% recycled 120gsm brown flecked envelope.

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