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Crow Card

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Crow distracted by Figs. Who can blame it?

The card is printed on the back with text about the Crow:
Apollo sent the Crow to the stream, with a cup to fetch water. On the way, the Crow was distracted by a Fig tree bearing unripened fruit. Ignoring the task, the Crow stopped and waited a few days for the figs to ripen, before eating the delicious fruit.
Realising the delay meant trouble, the Crow looked around for an excuse and saw the water snake. The Crow picked it up and flew back with it, fibbing to Apollo that the water snake had blocked the stream. Apollo, knowing this was a lie, flung the wayward bird, the cup, and the water snake up into the sky to remain forever as the constellations Corvus, Crater and Hydra.

The inside of the card is blank. Silkscreen printed by hand in purpley black ink on 100% recycled 270gsm green card, size A6, with a 100% recycled 120gsm brown flecked envelope.


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